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Recent cases


Jane* was advised by the police to get an injunction. She contacted several firms of solicitors and was quoted £5,000. We sucessfully obtained the injunction for her for less than £500.


Debra* had been served with an application for contact by the children's father. She had concerns about his care for the children and we helped her raise these concerns with the court and get them investigated.


We attended a contested final hearing with Carl* where he secured an extension of unsupervised contact with his son.


We helped, Bernard* a grandfather of two be sucessfully joined in care proceedings to be assessed as a potential carer after social services said assessing him was not necessary and the children should be adopted.


Helped Andrew* obtain an order for weekly overnight contact with his child. At the start of the case, CAFCASS were recommending indirect (i.e talking on the telephone) contact only.


Assisted Sophie* in agreeing contact with the father of her child in terms she was content with.


*Sharon didn’t qualify for legal aid, so got in touch with us as a lower cost option than using a solicitor. With our assistance, she applied for a non-molestation order and obtained an undertaking, preventing her abusive ex-partner from further abusing her or coming within 100m of her home.



Mum of three, *Jane contacted us after a care order order had been made for all three of her children. With our help, she successfully lodged an appeal. The case is now to be reopened and further assessments will be done. Furthermore, now the case is reopened, she is also eligible for legal aid.


A Judge ordered *Sarah to send her child for contact despite her concerns about her child's safety at contact. We successfully appealed the order .


When *David separted from his wife she made a number of very serious allegations against him and the court listed the case for a finding of fact hearing. We helped him sucessefully defend all of the allegations made against him.


Jen* was concerned about the emotional damange contact was causing her son. We guided her through extensive court proceedings involving the appointment of a guardian and a psychologist.


*Although names have been changed to respect our clients’ privacy, all situations and cases are factually accurate.




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