What is a McKenzie Friend?

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What is a McKenzie Friend?

The History


The term 'McKenzie Friend' comes from a divorce case in 1970, when Mr McKenzie, who was representing himself, requested that he be allowed to bring someone into court to assist him. Initially the Judge refused, but this was overturned on appeal and since then, anyone assisting a person representing himself or herself is known as a ‘Mckenzie Friend’.


What a Mckenzie Friend can help with

The court has issued practice notes on McKenzie Friends in the Civil and Family court. This sets out what they can and cannot do.


A McKenzie Friend can prepare court papers, read papers for the court case and attend hearings with you, unless the court specifically says they cannot. A McKenzie Friend can only speak on your behalf in court in exceptional circumstances.


We can advise you on what we can and can’t do, but to read the

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