Your McKenzie Friend


Support and guidance to help you represent yourself in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Family Courts


Click here for free initial telephone or email advice on your divorce or children law issue



Are you living with someone you are afraid of?


We have helped men and women get injunctions against their abusive partner.


In more unusual cases we have helped parents get an injunction against their adult children and children against a parent.


There is still legal aid available for injunctions if you are financially eligible. However we have been approached by a growing number of people who aren't and who cannot afford the thousands of pounds they are quoted by solicitors. If

this is you, please call us to see how we can help.


Have you been served with non molestation papers?


We can help you discuss your options and the impact the non molestation proceedings will have on other family proceedings.


Call us for a free 15 minute telephone consultation.








Tel: 07903590117 & 07903590125

Directors: Carol Marsh and Helen Maltby

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Registered office: The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, Sheffield S1 4FW

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