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Support and guidance to help you represent yourself in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Family Courts


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How we can help you




We can explain the legal procedure from beginning to end, draft your

divorce petition and prepare all accompanying documents.



Children Act

We can help you apply for a variety of orders about your children including:


Child Arrangement Orders – formally known as ‘residence orders’ and ‘contact’ orders, these contracts determine where a child will live and who they have contact with.


Parental responsibility order – for fathers not named on the child's birth



Specific issue order – This addresses something that parents cannot agree on and can involve the change of a child's name,

disputes over a child's education and relocation.


Prohibited steps order - This order prevents a parent from doing something in relation to a child, for example the removal of a child abroad, either temporarily or permanently.


Special guardianship order - These are residence orders with enhanced

parental responsibility and are usually made in favour of a family member

caring for a child, often when social services have been involved.


Enforcement of orders – helping to enforce orders that have not

been complied with.


Variation of orders - which are no longer suitable because of a change in circumstances, such as a child or the parent the child has contact with moving to live in another area,



Injunction proceedings

Legal Aid for injunctions is available if you are financially eligable. We do not do legal aid so if you might be eligable we will refer you to a local solicitor who can apply for legal aid on your behalf.


We are being approached by a number of people who have been quoted several thousand pounds to draft the injunction paperwork and attend the first court hearing. If you need the protection of an injunction and think you cannot afford it, please contact us. We usually charge £350 including the first hearing in the Sheffield Court.


A Non-molestation order – This is an order to prevent someone causing harm or harassing you.


An Occupation order – This is an order that can remove someone from your home and / or stop them returning.


We can explain how to apply for any of these orders and either prepare the necessary paperwork for you or check the application you’re prepared. It really helps to get your documents ‘court-ready’ in order to make sure your case is dealt with as swiftly and as easily as possible

We offer a FREE telephone consultation, so please get in touch to see if we can assist in your case.



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