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Representing yourself in the family court?


If your relationship breaks down, you are at one of your lowest points and yet have to deal with new and complex issues. It is perfectly natural to feel a whole range of emotions from loneliness, fear and anger, to confusion, sadness and uncertainty about the future.


These feelings can be magnified if for whatever reason you are going to represent yourself in court. Representing yourself in court can be stressful, intimidating and particularly emotional when those proceedings relate to family and children matters.


So how can Your McKenzie Friend help?


We can use our extensive experience of family law in Sheffield to support you through the family court process and find the best outcome for you and your family. Every case is unique but we have dealt with such a wide range of cases that it is almost certain we will have previously helped find a solution in a case similar to yours.


So, how can we help you? Well, the first thing we can do is help you to understand whether the court process is the right place for you to start. If a different option, such as mediation, might be useful we will advise you.


To help you understand the family court process, we can talk you through the procedure and time frames step by step. Different documents (applications, court forms, statements, protocol documents, court bundles etc.) may be required at different times. As part of our service, we can either draft them for you to check, or you can prepare them yourself and we can suggest suitable alterations.


If your case is going to be heard by a judge we can help you prepare your case, support you at the hearing and quietly give you advice during the proceedings so you won't have to face going to court on your own. However we cannot normally talk to the judge on your behalf and we cannot sign papers for you.


Here when you need us


Some people run the majority of their case on their own but want our input on key documents. Others want us to explain the court process step by step and draft all of the paperwork necessary for their case.


With us you are always in control of the level of support and assistance you want us to give, and because we are only a phone call or email away we can be completely flexible as your case progresses. However much support you need, you can rely on us to be approachable, understanding and knowledgeable.


email: enquiries@yourmckenziefriend.org.uk

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